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Shipping Brow Gallery holds a maximum of 30 pupils at a time. Sessions will be facilitated by gallery staff and will be split between working with the facilitator in the gallery space (first floor) and working with the Artist in Residence (ground floor).  Each group session will last approximately 55 minutes and then groups will swap. 

There are no facilities on site to accommodate eating and drinking (please do not bring drinking bottles into the gallery).  There is only one toilet at the gallery.


Shipping Brow Gallery is a Charitable Trust.

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 Art & Design in the National Curriculum


The National Curriculum for England states, ‘good quality Art & Design should engage, inspire and challenge pupils…equip them with skills to experiment, invent, create and think critically & develop a more rigorous understanding of art and design, including knowing how art and design reflect and shape our history, contribute to our culture, creativity and wealth of our nation’.

Shipping Brow Gallery has developed a primary curriculum offer that will align closely to the aims of the National Curriculum and support school’s in helping pupils ‘engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement’, thus building individuals’ Cultural Capital.

Through our Primary Curriculum Offer, we aim to support pupils to:

  • Evaluate and analyse creative works, using the language of art, craft and design,
  • Know about great artists and understand the historical & cultural development of their art forms,
  • Think critically,
  • Produce creative work, exploring ideas and recording their experiences,
  • Develop oral vocabulary and oral language skills to support confidence in the spoken language.

The KS1 National Curriculum for Art & Design states:


Pupils should be taught about the work of a range of artists, describing similarities and differences between different practices and disciplines.


The KS2 National Curriculum for Art & Design states:

Pupils should be taught about great artists in history.

Primary Curriculum Offer for KS1 & KS2

Cost of education session at the gallery is £150 for up to 30 pupils. Up to 15 pupils will be upstairs in the gallery working with a facilitator and up to 15 pupils will be downstairs working with the artist in residence, then the groups will swap to ensure the full gallery experience.  (2 x 55-minute sessions).

In the KS2 programme there is an additional section, delivered by the facilitator, which looks at a selection of great artists who were contemporaries of Mitchell & Kelly.  This will support pupil’s development of chronological knowledge and their understanding of the times when Mitchell & Kelly were painting/drawing.


Gallery Session Outline – 50-55 mins:

  • What is a gallery?
  • Get busy in the gallery’ – directed by the facilitator.
  • Introduction to/story about William Mitchell by the facilitator
  • See, Wonder, Do – this activity will take the pupils on a journey through a painting/s by William Mitchell
  • Review
  • Introduction to/story about Percy Kelly by the facilitator
  • See, Wonder, Do – this activity will take the pupils on a journey through a picture/s by Percy Kelly
  • ReviewKS1 compare and contrast the work of the two artists
  • Review – KS2 great artist contemporaries of Mitchell & Kelly


Artist in Residence Session Outline – 50-55 mins:

  • Meet the artist/the life of an artists – an introduction by Felix Butterwick
  • Demonstration & sketch-along with the artist
  • Question & answer session with the artist


Schools will be sent prior to visit:

  • Shipping Brow Gallery risk assessment for school visits
  • Ideas for follow-up back at school


Schools will need to bring:

  • Sketchbooks for each pupil
  • Questions they would like to ask the artist in residence


Gallery will provide:

  • Pencils
  • Sharpeners
  • Rubbers
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